Unitedsecure Nidhi India Limited

Ashray Nidhi Ltd. originally operated as a semi-urban and urban poor focused organization, for providing joint liability group based financial services. This population segment was highly underserved by formal financial institutions and presented a significant opportunity for Ashray Nidhi Ltd. to accomplish its financial inclusion objectives. Ashray Nidhi Ltd. has, in the recent years, evolved to expand coverage to the rural poor, which now accounts for a significant portion of outstanding portfolio. Ashray Nidhi Ltd. operates in this segment primarily through the joint liability group (JLG) model.

Business Loan
Provides self-employed women (Fruit vendors/ vegetable vendors/ Petty shop owners, tailors etc.) for financing diverse business needs such as capital equipment expenditure, working capital, repayment of high cost debt.

Agriculture and Allied loan
Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. Keeping in view the specific requirements of customers we offer them Agriculture and allied loan. The Loan helps our women borrowers meet the cost of cultivation and working capital activities for farming and allied activities.

Business Top-up Loan
This loan offers additional finance during the year to address the business requirements. This loan allows customers access to additional money over and above their initial business loan and is given based on a satisfactory credit history.

Emergency Loan
The loan is designed to meet the unforeseen medical emergency requirements of customers. The loan is disbursed within 24 hours of request.